Relax through Holiday stress

How You Can Survive Holiday Stress

Holiday stress? Relax—doctor’s orders!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes.  And, it can truly be wonderful, but we all know it can be extremely stressful.  Holiday stress is all around us from Thanksgiving until New Year’s.  It comes in all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately, it is not wrapped up in beautiful bows and festive boxes.  It either hits you like a hurried mall shopper, or it sneaks up on you as quiet as the T’was the Night Before Christmas mouse.

Holiday stress can often lead to relapses of TMJ symptoms.  You can find yourself grinding your teeth in a long checkout line at an over-crowded department store, interrupting your usual sleep rituals because of long holiday parties, and experiencing the return of neck and jaw pain from poor posture and tension from long or late night drives to friends and relatives.

During this busy season, make sure that you take time to relax, so that your body and mind are not going a million miles per hour all the time.  Try to schedule two to three, 15 minutes breaks per day, where you sit down, breathe deep and calm your mind.  On top of this, also make sure to schedule some nice relaxing activities for yourself throughout next few weeks.  Whether it’s family night by the fire, or a nice relaxing spa day for yourself, this can go a long way to help reduce the stress of the season.

Don’t get all “kerbobbled.”  You owe it to yourself to enjoy every aspect and time of the season.  And, if you’re experiencing stronger symptoms, remember we are always here to help get you back to living pain free.

The Doctor will free you now.
Dr. Francis O’Day

Durable Medical Equipment

Review Your Medical Coverage Now!

Think Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Want to hear something scary? Open Enrollment is here and runs until December 15th! This is the time you can begin reviewing new insurance plans or potential changes to your existing plan. It can be frustrating. It can be overwhelming! With so much information to comb through, you may wonder—will I truly be prepared for 2018? One thing to check out, is whether or not your plan includes a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) rider or a prosthetic and appliance/orthotic rider.

So…what are they? Is it something you really need? Or is it an option that you could forgo and save a few bucks on your monthly premium? Sometimes, saving money upfront, may end up costing you down the road.

You may find yourself in 2018 nursing a sprained ankle, welcoming a new addition to your family, or recovering from a medical procedure. In any of those situations, your physician may tell you that you need DME. DME can include crutches, breastfeeding equipment, or even a TMJ appliance. Basically, they are medically necessary tools that you may need in order to improve the quality of your life.

We all wish we could predict the future, but in reality, we need to be smart about it. A small, additional investment, monthly could give you and your family peace of mind, should you require some form of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

Check with your Human Resource representative or insurance agent and consider this option before making your final decision this year.

The doctor will free you now.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Education is the Foundation of Pain Relief

Your symptoms are unique.  Your consultation should be, too.

Would you try scaling the Grand Canyon without the proper training or equipment? What about taking the plunge and buying a house “sight unseen?” Unless you have the proper education, tackling either of these tasks would be as effective as throwing darts blind folded. Why leave your pain to chance by trying quick fixes that are not treating the real problem?

I believe that a patient’s education is the foundation of relief. That’s why my initial consultations are an hour. I also work directly with you, asking targeted questions, learning the ABC’s of the unique symptoms that you are experiencing. Once I get to the root of your pain, I won’t just send you on your way—I will take the time to make sure that you are fully educated on what is causing your pain.

So, you know what is causing your pain. Now what? Now, it’s time to take action. Let me work with you to formulate a plan that will get you back to living your life the way you want—pain free. You are not alone, and there are answers.

The doctor will free you now.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Athletic Mouth Guard, Great For Sports, Not For TMJ

The true “impact” on your TMJ symptoms.

If it’s good enough for the gridiron it should be good enough for your mouth—right? Wrong! Don’t reach for that store-bought standard to help or fix your TMJ symptoms. In fact, it will most likely be doing the exact opposite for you.

  They’re chewable, increasing your jaw activity!
  Made to stop impact–not to deter your overactive jaw!
  Never molds like medical grade night guard!
  You’re paying out of pocket–insurance could cover a medical grade, night guard.

While many may think a quick purchase and boil will work, having a soft rubber or plastic mouth guard, while you are sleeping at night, could be causing you to clench even harder and chew even more. When I watch sporting events (like our Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres), I see half the players chewing it like it’s gum, increasing their jaw activity—and most TMJ sufferers will do exactly the same. The soft squishy texture is just perfect for someone who likes to grind their teeth or clench tightly at night. This could cause you to have heightened symptoms when you wake up in the morning.

The night guard you need is medical grade, custom fit to your particular case, and comfortable enough to feel as if it is almost not there. This is not made of boil-down plastic and cannot be chewed, deterring your overactive jaw and lessoning your symptoms. Plus, it falls under medical grade equipment, so your insurance could possibly cover it (Check your rider for Durable Medical Equipment).

Don’t reach for that mouth guard on the pharmacy rack, reach out to us, to ensure your mouth gets the right fit.


The doctor will free you now
Dr. Francis O’Day

TMJ Symptoms Cripple the Best Work Habits

Headaches and facial pain crippling your work and life?

You are laying in your bedroom with the blinds drawn, a cold washcloth over your face, praying that the migraine medication will kick in. Before you reach for the phone to call your boss and tell her that you have to miss another day of work, you think to yourself, how much is missing work today going to cost me?

In the United States, chronic pain causes up to $500 billion in lost wages and production per year. While this number may be jarring to some, it comes as no surprise to me. In fact, there are many patients who tell me how headaches and facial pain cripple their ability to work a full day. You are not the only one missing out on work and life because of symptoms you are experiencing from TMJ.

Our goal is to help each and every patient reduce the pain they are experiencing and get back to their normal way of life. Let us get you back to living your life. Let us get you back to work.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Breast Cancer Survivor’s New Battle-TMJ

Stress of beating cancer can manifest severe TMJ symptoms

It seems unfair that anyone that had to battle cancer should have to be deal with anything after they fought the good fight—and won.  The stress of such cancer treatments can manifest and develop into many severe TMJ symptoms, as was the case for a woman who had visited me not too long ago.

My own mother passed away from breast cancer many years ago, and I made it my goal to do whatever I could to help this patient significantly decrease her symptoms as quickly as possible, and improve her quality of life.  There was no reason for her to suffer some long enduring process or evasive tests.

After the initial consultation, I was able to understand her history and current situation, which allowed me to start her on a treatment plan that would allow her to see results and a decrease in pain by her second visit.  It brought such gratification to see her smile, realizing she could now get back to living her life.

Allow me to free you from your pain, and get your quality of life back.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Physicians Finding Results For Their Patients With O’Day

Physicians are right to think “Could be TMJ.”

Dr. Jeffrey O. Burnett, a Family Medicine Practitioner, who has been in private practice since 2003, and is also the Family Practice Residency Director at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, is one of many local, primary care physicians discovering symptoms of TMJ with relation to their patient’s pain. 

“As a primary care physician, I have come to realize that when my patients complain of facial pain, headaches and sometimes even ear and sinus symptoms, that often times, they may be suffering from TMJ Dysfunction.  For years, Dr. O’Day has focused on treating patients with the personal care and attention that they require.  His conservative non-surgical treatment philosophy has helped many of my patients improve their quality of life.  He always maintains excellent communication regarding my patients, which ensures that we are always on the same page regarding their care.  I would highly recommend referring patients to Dr. O’Day, if you find they are having the same symptoms I saw in my patients for their pain relief.”

We encourage area physicians in Western New York and Ontario, Canada to consider the possibility that their patient’s pain(s) could be the work of overactive jaw muscles caused not only by facial muscle hyperactivity (clenching and/or grinding of teeth), but the result of other factors (Causes) acting together.  Reach out to us.  Your patient will thank you.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

TMJ Symptoms In Back To School Children

The phrase “Back to School” has become synonymous with purchasing those perfect school supplies and scheduling clothes shopping days.  However, in all that preparation, we can often forget the stress of back to school or even changing schools, and the effect it has on school age children.

Children can have TMJ symptoms also, and this time of year in grade school to high school students, symptoms such as headaches and facial pain can start or resurface.  From first time middle schoolers stressing about remembering locker combinations or where their next class is, to high school students with social and academic pressures, children can start showing a variety of symptoms as the reality of summer vacation’s end draws near.

Treatment for TMJ symptoms for school age children can begin quickly and relieve your child from their pain. It’s our goal to get your child’s pain under control, so they can go back to enjoying their youth, creating a smooth transition into the new school year—and the next.

It’s August.  There’s still time available for consultation at our office.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

The Lawnmower Inside My Head

Imagine if you can, describing your facial pain and headaches in such a manner that your description of the pain is, “an odd type of noise in my ear, like that of a lawnmower in my head.”  To be in the presence of someone uttering these sincere words could not only make one’s hair stand on end, but make them completely forget about any minor aches and pains they may be experiencing.

After the initial consultation, I was able to explain to the patient why these symptoms can occur, as well as implement an appropriate treatment approach to improve the symptoms.

On the patient’s next visit, already feeling some relief from the symptoms, I was able to customize a TMJ night guard for the patient’s nighttime only use.  With the patient now understanding the pain, realizing the process, and using the nighttime guard, the third visit was a complete success.  Not only had the “lawnmower noise” resolved, but the patient’s facial pain and headaches were now a thing of the unpleasant past.

For you, it might not be a “lawnmower” in your head, but you deserve the opportunity to be free from whatever facial, head or neck pain that is negatively impacting your life.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Dr. O’Day’s New Website

Doctor O’Day is proud to announce his new website (July 1, 2017).  The visuals and content assures visitors and current patients of his commitment and passion as a TMJ and Orofacial Pain Specialist.

The doctor will free you now,” which you have heard on the radio, is more than a slogan.  Doctor Francis O’Day takes great pride in getting his patients the proper treatment to free them of their pain, and get them back to living their life the way they want to–pain free.

Like change in the new logo, from the enclosed group of butterflies–to singular free butterfly, you can experience and enjoy that freedom.  All it will take is that first consultation and an honest, non-evasive approach to your treatment.  Doctor O’Day is truly there for all of his patients, and he can be there to help you achieve it.