TMJ Symptoms In Back To School Children

The phrase “Back to School” has become synonymous with purchasing those perfect school supplies and scheduling clothes shopping days.  However, in all that preparation, we can often forget the stress of back to school or even changing schools, and the effect it has on school age children.

Children can have TMJ symptoms also, and this time of year in grade school to high school students, symptoms such as headaches and facial pain can start or resurface.  From first time middle schoolers stressing about remembering locker combinations or where their next class is, to high school students with social and academic pressures, children can start showing a variety of symptoms as the reality of summer vacation’s end draws near.

Treatment for TMJ symptoms for school age children can begin quickly and relieve your child from their pain. It’s our goal to get your child’s pain under control, so they can go back to enjoying their youth, creating a smooth transition into the new school year—and the next.

It’s August.  There’s still time available for consultation at our office.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

The Lawnmower Inside My Head

Imagine if you can, describing your facial pain and headaches in such a manner that your description of the pain is, “an odd type of noise in my ear, like that of a lawnmower in my head.”  To be in the presence of someone uttering these sincere words could not only make one’s hair stand on end, but make them completely forget about any minor aches and pains they may be experiencing.

After the initial consultation, I was able to explain to the patient why these symptoms can occur, as well as implement an appropriate treatment approach to improve the symptoms.

On the patient’s next visit, already feeling some relief from the symptoms, I was able to customize a TMJ night guard for the patient’s nighttime only use.  With the patient now understanding the pain, realizing the process, and using the nighttime guard, the third visit was a complete success.  Not only had the “lawnmower noise” resolved, but the patient’s facial pain and headaches were now a thing of the unpleasant past.

For you, it might not be a “lawnmower” in your head, but you deserve the opportunity to be free from whatever facial, head or neck pain that is negatively impacting your life.

You’re not alone, and there are answers.
Doctor Francis O’Day

Dr. O’Day’s New Website

Doctor O’Day is proud to announce his new website (July 1, 2017).  The visuals and content assures visitors and current patients of his commitment and passion as a TMJ and Orofacial Pain Specialist.

The doctor will free you now,” which you have heard on the radio, is more than a slogan.  Doctor Francis O’Day takes great pride in getting his patients the proper treatment to free them of their pain, and get them back to living their life the way they want to–pain free.

Like change in the new logo, from the enclosed group of butterflies–to singular free butterfly, you can experience and enjoy that freedom.  All it will take is that first consultation and an honest, non-evasive approach to your treatment.  Doctor O’Day is truly there for all of his patients, and he can be there to help you achieve it.