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You might not realize how anxious you are

Our lives today are an ongoing “To Do” list no matter what our age, occupation, or gender. We hold ourselves accountable at work, school, social and family functions to be the best person we can be while shaping and expressing our personality. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. Handling and enjoying your life does not automatically come with jaw discomfort or ear pain. And, while it comes with its share of headaches, they’re not meant to be chronic.

You’ve been to the dentist, or you’ve just finished another round of antibiotics for that never-ending ear infection, or it’s just another morning with that sinus headache you’ve learned to just sort of live with. Still your discomfort persists.

What could be missing in all of this, is an understanding of how anxious you are.  Anxiousness leads to bad habits, like grinding of teeth, chewing on pencils, lip biting and/or nail biting, which very well could be the underlying cause of your reoccurring pain. You might not even realize you’re doing it, and that’s okay.

In our office, we have a directive to truly feel you out—find out where you’re coming from.  It’s a “getting to know you” with the purpose of helping you realize your level of anxiety, as well as your current coping mechanisms. From there, Dr. O’Day will be able to help free you from your pain, and get you back to, not only tackling life, but living it—living it pain free.

Call us, say hello to Dr. O’Day and goodbye to TMJ.

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Dr. Francis O’Day